You can download purchased webfonts from your account whenever you need to, and you can modify several technical parameters each time you do. Each font generation ensures that you receive files created according to the latest technological standards. You can choose more than fifty supported language sets, compile exactly the font family set that you need, and if the original font allows it, choose the basic shape of numbers or OpenType features, such as small capitals, ligatures or slashed zeroes in the basic set. The available WOFF, EOT, SVG and SVGZ font formats cover the vast majority of current browser and operating system needs.

Character set

All characters that cannot be displayed by web browsers are removed from the font sets. This makes the font files smaller and dramatically decreases their loading time. If you need to add specific language sets to the basic set, you can specify it here. You can also add individual glyphs by entering them into the text field.

Family style linking

Linking styles according to their basic family type adds the appropriate information to your @font-face selector. This will make font substitution style-dependent.


If the original character set contains several types of number glyphs, the default positions will be the ones that you select.

OpenType features

If the original desktop font uses OpenType features, they can also be simulated on the web font by replacing existing characters. For instance, Small Caps replaces lowercase letters by small capitals. Kerning adjustments are ignored by older browsers, so we don’t add them by default.

Font formats

None of the fonts support all browsers, however, WOFF and EOT will be sufficient for the vast majority of them. If you need to support older iPhone operating systems, you should also select the SVG and SVGZ formats.

Browser code

If you select CSS, a .css file with all font sources will be generated, and the browser will select the appropriate one. The JS option will generate a file with JavaScript code, which will choose the right font according to the browser type. Older IE versions therefore do not download all of the fonts, but the display takes slightly longer.