Custom Fonts

From a marketing point of view, a typeface is one of the most important aspects of a trademark. An appropriate font can significantly differentiate corporate or product identity from the competition. And, because we’re convinced that using own fonts is a sign of mature visual culture, we devote a lot of time to custom font development. One of the possibilities that we offer is modification of our existing commercial fonts. It may entail for example specific modifications of individual glyphs, creating subtly shaded styles, or expanding existing character sets to incorporate additional glyphs used for typesetting of non-Latin languages.

Another option is to create a completely original font design or a whole font family according to specific customer requests. The client then has control of the shape characteristics of individual glyphs, extent of the character set, number of styles or the extent of diacritics for language typesetting. The font can thus be targeted for specific user needs from the outset. Each such order requires an individual approach; the work itself is therefore preceded by a thorough study of the existing state and needs, with a subsequent proposal for an optimal and elegant solution. Our fonts are always made to a very high technical and aesthetic standard.