Custom font prices

The price is calculated separately for each order and is influenced by several factors: the difficulty of preparing a proposal, the length of the exclusive license, the number of computers the fonts are to be installed on and the number of glyphs and the extent of the character set.

Custom font licensing

All fonts including custom made ones are the property of their author; the customer pays for an exclusive, time limited license. It is of course possible to issue the license for an indefinite amount of time, the price of the font however rises accordingly. It is good to remember that if a font is created as part of a visual communication package, it, like the visual package, will be varied relatively often. We will be glad to advise you in the matter; do not hesitate to contact us.

Modifications to existing fonts

Substantial savings in corporate fonts can be achieved by modifying existing fonts that we currently offer. The modifications can entail specific adjustments of individual glyphs, creating subtly graded styles, or extending the existing character sets with new glyphs which might be needed for non-Latin character sets.

Timeframe for custom work

Each order will have its specific requirements, so each timeframe for completion will be set individually. As a rough estimate, the time to draw up a proposal will be about four to six weeks. The timeframe may be adjusted depending on the difficulty, number of styles and character sets.