The basis of inspiration for the Orgovan family was the Brush stroke, a sample font designed for freehand writing using a flat brush, published at the beginning of the sixties in a handbook for Czechoslovak typography artists and arrangers. Thanks to many adjustments to the construction of the glyphs and more open letterforms, the font has good legibility even at small sizes, making it suitable for demanding typographic applications. The Rounded style is a variation of the basic theme, offering a wide range of further applications.

Flower Power will remind you of the Woodstock era, Punk will evoke the atmosphere of the alternative music of the seventies, Hairy will bring back memories of hairy chests of eighties’ pop stars, and the liquid Fat Cap will make you remember lively spray paint signs like it was yesterday. Orgovan has proven to work well in threatening letters, magazine covers, ketchups, fruit juice bottles and pop music record covers. Its pleasant retro tinge manifests opposition to all of the cold corporate fonts that we normally offer.


Design: Tomáš Brousil
Number of fonts in a family: 6 (Brush, Fat Cap, Flower Power, Hairy, Punk, Rounded)
Number of glyphs per font: 332
Release date: 2004/7


OpenType Features:
Localized Forms (locl)