The Metalista font was created as a sign of undying admiration for the persistence of heavy metal culture. The angled font of almost fixed width proportions combines capitals with small letters for more variety and better definition of individual letters. Stressing the horizontal strokes subdued the historical Gothic character and emphasized a more modern signature, which is far different from the majority of current attempts at a modern adaptation of Fraktur fonts.
We offer Metalista in three styles, or rather widths to be exact: Speed is inspired by the whiplash pace of 70s and 80s speed metal, and can tell and perform a lot even in a very small space; uncompromising Death balances on the fine line between expression and readability; and Metalista Black is the universal go-to, whether as megalomaniacal titles sprawled across the entire LP cover or as tiny texts for glam rock CD booklets.
The character set contains both upper and lower case, and has an above-average number of glyphs – besides numbers and letters, it also contains basic fractions, index numbers, mathematic symbols and arrows.
You can be certain that a greater amount of dark black metal forms will imbibe several cans of printing ink and its razor-sharp characters will cut holes in any thinner paper. Metalista is a surprisingly refreshing solution not only for rock album covers and T-shirts for balding Anthrax fans, but also logotypes and axonometric video game graphics. 


Design: Tomáš Brousil
Number of fonts in a family: 3
Number of glyphs per font: 401
Release date: 2008/2016


OpenType Features:
Fractions (frac)
Localized Forms (locl)
Case Sensitive Forms (case)
Stylistic Sets (salt ss01, ss02)