Bistro Script

BistroScript is a calligraphic font, drawing from the sentiment of promotional art from the sixties. It has the temperament of brush paintings painted with thin paint, as could be seen decorating most shop windows in Czechoslovakia at the time. Although it is in all respects a modern digital font, it still maintains a familiar character of well-practiced hand calligraphy. In this it is aided by the features of OpenType, where automatic ligature and alternative character combination can help to attain more varied connections of letters. The alphabet falls into the category of freehand scripts and so forms an opposition to traditional, and perhaps somewhat sterile, European calligraphy methods using a pointed or a chisel tipped pen, which tend to come across as somewhat archaic today. The contemporary look of the alphabet is also aided by a larger x-height and a bolder typeface, thanks to which the font can also be used at typical text sizes, despite being designed as a typical headline font. Brush calligraphy with perfectly defined characters of small and large letters will find its use especially in theatre posters and invitations, shop signs, but also in book graphics of all genres which lend themselves to playfulness and appropriate expressivity. It can be said that when used judiciously, BistroScript is sure to enhance any printed material.


Design: Tomáš Brousil
Number of fonts in a family: 1
Number of glyphs per font: 521
Release date: 2007


OpenType Features:
Localized Forms (locl)
Standard Ligatures (liga)
Stylistic Sets (salt ss02 — ss12)