12 May 2017

Custom lettering: Primeros condoms

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Primeros is a traditional Czech condom brand, and protective products under this name were first produced in Prague in 1909. Production was gradually moved to Děčín and, after nationalization, to Hrádek nad Nisou. Condom production is now being moved to Germany.

Primeros condoms has always been an iconic product brand for me. In the Czech language, it even became a household name, moreso for the older generation, as a general term for condoms. It’s still the best-selling condom brand on the Czech market.


Blog Primeros krabicka stara


Blog Primeros krabicky stare


Personally, I was surprised at the brand’s long history, and carefully studied all available archival materials, packaging, and corporate printed matter. With an exception in the 1990s, the brand has always featured a logo based on an almost script cursive base with a distinct initial. This variation of the logo has appeared in many variations and treatments. That’s why I found it perfectly logical to tie into this form naturally.


Blog Primeros slideshow 1928

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1928

Blog Primeros slideshow 1933

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1933

Blog Primeros slideshow 1936

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1936

Blog Primeros slideshow 1936 2

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1936

Blog Primeros slideshow 1937

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1937

Blog Primeros slideshow 1940

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1940

Blog Primeros slideshow 1946

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1946

Blog Primeros slideshow 1950

Letterhead of the Primeros, 1950

After careful research, comparison and analysis of logotype variations, a search for ideal proportions followed, focusing on controversial and problematic moments in the drawing, tying characters together and individual details. I decided to adjust the curves of the strokes tying into the stems, to harmonize the incline of the characters and their shading, to unify the characters’ connection and to round off the ends of the outstrokes.


Blog Primeros logo draty


These days, the manufacturer is launching a whole series of redesigned and all-new condom packages. Matěj Chabera and Jakub Korouš (who, together with Jan Kloss, have revived another iconic Czech brand - Botas sneakers) handled the boxes’ redesign. In addition to a successful design, the boxes boast true polygraphic porn - they also feature embossing, partial varnish, metallic foil and luminescent printing in addition to the print.

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Blog Primeros obaly


Blog Primeros krabicky3


The typefaces Gloriola and Ladislav are used on the packaging.