Kulturista is related to our Nudista typeface. Both faces share the elementary shapes, proportions and weight alternatives. While Nudista is a sober display face, Kulturista is a distinct linear typeface with sturdy serifs. The lopsided serifs of round strokes in lower case letters such as “h”, “m”, “n” prevent serifs on a single line of text from interfering with each other and they become a significant feature of the alphabet, together with the vertical serifs of numerals “2”, “3” and “6”. Gently slanted italic has the same weight and colour as regular. It is not, however, only a slanted version of the regular cut, as often seen in typefaces based on geometric pattern. Whole set has its own structure, and the italic is an equal partner to the regular. The stem of f stretches below the baseline, round strokes of lower case letters sport elegant, rounded terminals. Round stem instrokes are also utilised in some lower-case x-height letters (i, j, p, m, n, r), which strengthens the emphasis of all italic styles. Kulturista is a display typeface well suited for use in magazines and certain newspapers; five available weights are a perfect for the layout of various columns, titles, and supplements. The face may also work well as a basis a corporate style, it may be used on heavy machinery and equally well on the cover of a book dedicated to graphic design.


Design: Tomáš Brousil
Number of fonts in a family: 10 (Thin, Thin Italic, Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
Number of glyphs per font: 415
Release date: 2009


OpenType Features:
Case Sensitive Forms (case)
Localized Forms (locl)
Standard Ligatures (liga)