Fishmonger originated from a commission of two fonts for the corporate identity of a fishmonger shop. When sketching the elementary principles for the lettering, the idea for a modern, extensive font family with a large number of styles was born. The first step consisted of defining the range of widths and weights. Then the master design Medium Regular was completed. The next step was adjusting the Extra Condensed Thin, the Extra Condensed Bold, The Extra Extended Thin and the Extra Extended Bold weights, as they are the vertices of an imaginary square map of the face. This meant that, in order to achieve a harmonious result, the x and y axis needed to be defined.

From top to bottom, from the widest to the most condensed cut, the proportions are linear. However, from light to black, the line curves gently, allowing lesser difference between the light cuts, and a dramatic one between the heavier cuts. To ensure the original parameters were respected each position on the vertex was checked against the Medium Regular. After sorting out the ideal set-up, the remaining characters of each of the weights were drawn, and the remaining cuts were interpolated according to the principles above. Fishmonger is a functional, clean design, free of any buoyant, ornamental shapes, almost minimalist. Maybe this is what lends the type family its unique appearance.


Design: Tomáš Brousil
Number of fonts in a family: 50 (Fishmonger Extra Condensed Thin, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Thin Italic, Fishmonger Condensed Thin, Fishmonger Condensed Thin Italic, Fishmonger Medium Thin, Fishmonger Medium Thin Italic, Fishmonger Extended Thin, Fishmonger Extended Thin Italic, Fishmonger Extra Extended Thin, Fishmonger Extra Extended Thin Italic, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Light, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Light Italic, Fishmonger Condensed Light, Fishmonger Condensed Light Italic, Fishmonger Medium Light, Fishmonger Medium Light Italic, Fishmonger Extended Light, Fishmonger Extended Light Italic, Fishmonger Extra Extended Light, Fishmonger Extra Extended Light Italic, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Regular, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Regular Italic, Fishmonger Condensed Regular, Fishmonger Condensed Regular Italic, Fishmonger Medium Regular, Fishmonger Medium Regular Italic, Fishmonger Extended Regular, Fishmonger Extended Regular Italic, Fishmonger Extra Extended Regular, Fishmonger Extra Extended Regular Italic, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Semibold, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Semibold Italic, Fishmonger Condensed Semibold, Fishmonger Condensed Semibold Italic, Fishmonger Medium Semibold, Fishmonger Medium Semibold Italic, Fishmonger Extended Semibold, Fishmonger Extended Semibold Italic, Fishmonger Extra Extended Semibold, Fishmonger Extra Extended Semibold Italic, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Bold, Fishmonger Extra Condensed Bold Italic, Fishmonger Condensed Bold, Fishmonger Condensed Bold Italic, Fishmonger Medium Bold, Fishmonger Medium Bold Italic, Fishmonger Extended Bold, Fishmonger Extended Bold Italic, Fishmonger Extra Extended Bold, Fishmonger Extra Extended Bold Italic)
Number of glyphs per font: 401
Release date: 2003/7


OpenType Features:
Case Sensitive Forms (case)
Fractions (frac)
Localized Forms (locl)
Standard Ligatures (liga)